The fusion of past and present in order to assure a better future- that's Hail To The Chief.  We provide clients with the best in historically, factually, and aesthetically accurate performances and presentations.
Years of education, historical interpretation, and research inform every performance.  Frequently requested characters are George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Patrick Henry, and Woodrow Wilson.

We listen to our clients about their requirements for particular events.  We partner with them in the days, weeks, or months prior to an event so that, together, we will deliver a superlative, high-end product.  Whatever your entertainment or performance needs, we are confident that Hail To The Chief  will provide you with a superior experience.
Hail To The Chief

A Division of Brookshire Solutions, LLC
Hail to the Chief is a division of Brookshire Solutions, LLC
Above Right: Brian Hilton as General George Washington
Above: Brian Hilton as Patrick Henry
Right: Brian Hilton as John F. Kennedy
Far Lower Right: Brian Hilton as Woodrow Wilson