Please take some time to "stroll" through our gallery of photographs.  The soundbite is taken from Brian Hilton's performance as John F. Kennedy in Wheeling, West Virginia on April 19, 2010.  It was the 50th anniversary of then-Senator John F. Kennedy's primary campaign appearance on the campus of West Liberty College (now West Liberty University).

Frequently requested characters:
-George Washington-John F. Kennedy-Patrick Henry -Woodrow Wilson

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Audio Clip-Brian Hilton as JFK
Hail To The Chief

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TWO LEFT IMAGES: Brian Hilton as the young Colonel George Washington (ca. 1757)
TWO RIGHT IMAGES: Brian Hilton as General George Washington (ca. 1775)
Brian Hilton as President Woodrow Wilson
Brian Hilton as President John F. Kennedy
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Brian Hilton as Patrick Henry